Trainer Aircraft

There are many fine aircraft that can be good to learn how to fly. Below are a few options to consider


Apprentice from Horizon Hobby

This aircraft comes in a RTF Ready to Fly version which includes battery, charger and radio

They also have a Bind and Fly version that does not come with a radio

Join our club and you can get a purchase discount at a local hobby shop.


o   Pretty durable and easy to repair

o   Most parts available at local hobby shop and online


Know Before You Fly :

Just received your first aircraft, possibly as a gift?  Be sure you visit the AMA/FAA website ==>  Know before you Fly for a general high level overview of flight protocols for Unmanned Aircraft Systems.

Training :
If you need assistance getting started with RC flying, just contact us and we will try to match you with one of our experienced members for a few mentoring sessions. There are no fees associated with these informal mentoring sessions. Contact us to let us know what type of flying you might be interested in, so we can match you to a member with similar interests.


Our introductory Pilot coordinator is Wayne Perry  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   303-841-2038

Some of the things one of our experienced members may be able to help with:

o  Checking out your current equipment for functionality and safety
o  Helping you with suggestions for trainer equipment purchases, if you don't already have equipment
o  Helping you with selection of computer based flight simulators that may be helpful in giving you the basics of RC flying
o  Provide a General Field Orientation and Safety Orientation
o  A mentor may be able to help setup a buddy box configuration to give you a sample of RC flying. A buddy box configuration is a cable between two transmitters. This permits a mentor to take control of the flight in the event the inexperienced pilot gets into a difficult situation. This may spare the inexperienced pilot from damaging an aircraft.

Buddy Box Configuration


Don't let the lack of experience keep you from joining this hobby. Most RC airfields will be helpful in getting you started on the right foot. At Crosswinds RC, we continue to learn from each other. That's the fun part of being a Crosswinds member.

There are recent flight stabalization technologies that are becoming common in introductory training aircraft. These technology can be very helpful in getting beginning pilots through the initial training stage. 

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