Links to Weather Sites:

A good source for conditions very close to our airfield:

 ==>   Weather Underground Personal Weather Stations ( PWS ) map of stations near the Crosswinds Field

  •  Personal Weather stations are the little dots with temperature in the middle
  • Several of these stations are within a mile of our airfield
  • The tail indicates the wind direction and the wind speed, more feather in the tail for higher speed
  • If you click on one of the dots it will give you detailed information about that PWS
  • If you further click on the Station Name ( its the name in the blue link ) you get very detailed information
  • Most interesting is a Graph of Temperature, Dew Point, Wind Speed and Wind Direction
  • It's at 15 minute intervals and will show wind fluctuations in detail

A good source for multiday forecasting:
Weather Underground for 80016


==>   Weather Channel for 80016