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Franks Snow Plough ready for the season

Dougs DC3 Tune and Taxi

Kevin and Jet Rough Landing

Marty and Etrich Taube

Kevin Ver Large Electric P-51

Chris's WW-I Bipe gets a refined test before final restoration

Chris's Rebuilt WW-I Bipe gets a scary test flight

Chuck hand launches Roger's Jet

Kevin W Jet goes down w little damage

Kevin W The second jet flight was less eventful w smooth landing

Marty and Bill Maiden the Addiction

Bob flies the Skybolt

Joe's Funtana returns to the Air

Bill Delta Wing ( Comet ? )

Kevin A F14

Kevin and Bill flying A-10s in formation

2017 Member Fun Fly

Kevin P51 flight|    

P51 take off attempt|,

Corsair Flight and rough landing

Hanger 9 Corsair FG90 Maiden

Jim K Gee Bee maiden

John N YAK 55 maiden

Jim M Aeroworks Edge mishap

Jim M Patty Wagstaff Extra 300

Jim M Warbird preparations slight mishap

Kevin preparing for Warbird event

Jim G MX2 maiden

Frank Stagger Wing Maiden

Jims maiden of Aero Works Ultimate Bipe

Mike and Drew 2 generations enjoying the afternoon

Frank Super Tiger Gasser Maiden|

Gary and Andrew Extra 260 after they were warmed up

Gary and Andrew Extra 250 Maiden

Doug maiden on his Aero Works Extra 260 w Mike coaching

Kevin brings his Funtana out of hibernation

Topflight FMS P51 by Kevin gettting ready for War Bird weekend

2nd Flight Trimmed out of FMS P51 by Kevin

Maiden of FMS P51 by Kevin

Maiden of SPAD BUHOR modified desisgn

Joeys Extra 260 Free Style 120cc - Flying in the Zone

Mike's Maiden of Better-Fly

Mike Pegasus 4 cyl on Skywalker bench test at Crosswinds RC|,

Patrick Maiden Extra 260 - Pilot Robert at Crosswind RC|,

Patrick Maiden Extra 260 - Pilot Robert at Crosswind RC

Darrell Eflite Ultra Stick 25 Maiden

Matt DR1 1/3 Scale Dr1 - Rudolf Klimke Design - Smoke System Test

PdXvCfhb6C0|Bob Ultra Stick Re-Maiden w different engine

War Birds over Parker 2015

Bob's Boomerang Jet

Bill's Fun 51 Maiden 2nd flight ending in a tree

Norm's Adrenaline 2M maiden with new DLE 30

And Matt's recent Maiden of 1/3 scale DR1 in Ltn Rudolf Klimke Design


Doug Twin Electric Maiden 

Matt Sopwith Pup 1/3 Scale Balsa USA Biplane Maiden

Rich's 4 Star maiden

 Matt Maiden Flight Morane Saulnier A1

Matts Bipe Maiden

Matts Tri Plane

lMaiden Ultra Sport 1000 w Supre Tigre 3000 by Joey, tuned by Mike I ( Thank You Both )

Ron's 3D Hobby Shop

Darrell's Big Stick Maiden

Mike's Very Large Big Stick Maiden by Robert

Hover Board - Non RC but still flying of sorts

PJNDX7CXNk0|Crosswinds gets a new mouse catcher|,

Darrell Ugly Rail Maiden

Mike and Old Yeller in a N Crosswind

Tom Giant Telemaster in a N Crosswind

Chili Fly Robert Heli


Chili Fly Doug Flying Apprentice on Skis

Chili Fly Ray Control Line on Skis

Chili Fly Jim and Jack Radjets

Chili Fly Jack Speedliner

Chili Fly Frank bad ending

Chili Fly Darrell Clouds Flyer

 Touch and Goes on Skis

 2014 Member Appreciation Day 360

Matt Acro Master Bipe Maiden

 Taylorcraft Flight

 Jim K landing jet with flair

 Matt Biplane in the tree

 Norm B Extra 300

 Jim K Portuguese Jet Fighter

Norm Jim Patrick Flyin and Landin

lNorm Big Sig

Norms Big Sig Flow by Matt

Mike and Ole Yeller

Tom Big Wing

Torres Pines Hang Gliding

Torres Pines RC Dynamic Slope Soaring

Jack Red Bull Electric

Jack A 10

Dave Big Stick

 Tom T, Frank and Mike

 Matt H Classic Pattern Plane

 Doug maiden homebuilt on launcher

 Michael Buddy Box taxi training

 Norm V Antics

 Jim & Jack Bucher Jungman

 Steinhouser Mustang


 Mr RC Sound

Sky King Rides Again

Patrick Heli Maiden

Mike Will-It-Fly

Matt Harrier Maiden

Patrick Something Extra

Ray Elec Nobler Maiden

Sparky Graceful 3 Channel

Wayne Electric Start

Bob U-Can-Do

Ed Big Stick

Darrell Profile

Larry Speedster

Frank Rearwind

Robert Roll Rate Test


Larry Heli Fly

Doug Matt maiden Spad

Mike N Ultra Sport

Bill P Pattern Plane

Dave P Search and Rescue

Norm V Yellow Bipe Glow Driver

Matt's Cub

Mike's Kite

Matt's Bipe Grassfield Landing

Rich Kadet Bounce

Frank Delta landing 2 no gear

Jim Big Stick Maiden

Jim use that runway

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